• Sole Trader Packages


     Highly Visible SM Presence
    Managed Services
    Targeted Marketing Campaigns
    ✔ Enhanced Customer Experience
    ✔ Engagement on the Move
    ✔ Reduced Marketing Costs
    ✔ Amplified Promotions

    Sole Trader Packages
  • Compete in a Global Market

     Substantially Increase your Customer Base

     Leverage Multiple Revenue Streams

     Generate International Brand Awareness.

     Leverage International Suppliers, Partners, & Affiliates.

     Expand Through Export

     Open New Business Opportunities





    Compete in a Global Market
  • Audits & Assessments

     Commercial Audits
               Keeping you on track

     Candidate Presence Audits (recruitment)
              → Protecting public association of your business 

     Presence Audits for Private Individuals
              → Insuring you are always seen in the best light


    Audits & Assessments
  • Consulting

     Social Media Strategic Consulting
     Policy & Risk Mitigation
     Social Media Presence Development
     Social Selling
     Global Market Positioning
     Social Media Monitoring & Tools
     Finance, Budgets, Resources & ROI
     Community Engagement & Crowd Sourcing
    Consumer Self Augmentation
     & More…

  • Certified & Professional Courses

     Certified Social Media Strategist (CSMS)

     Certified Social Media Consultant (CSMC)

     Certified Social Media Manager (CSMM)

     Social Media Strategies for Executives Course




    Certified & Professional Courses
  • Solutions

     Facebook App & Tab Development
    Integrated Marketing & Purchasing Solutions
    SSL Secure Hosting
    Content Management Systems
    Social Media Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Social Media Management Solutions
     Monitoring Solutions
     & More…



Balanced Consulting
Built on proven methodologies and frameworks, delivered bespoke, to drive your companies social media engagement and objectives.

Innovative Solutions
Pre-made or custom built, we deliver professionally polished solutions. We specialise in the latest Facebook Developer innovations.

Education & Training
(SMACAD Certified) Self-paced or intensive social media education and training by the worlds leading Social Media Academy

Audits & Assessments
Aimed to keep and improve your companies social engagement.
Additionally insuring you company, your employees and you, are only visible in the best possible light on the social web.

Williams forward and 'out of the box' thinking brought a new dimension to our projects. Social media is his calling, I would not hesitate calling William to collaborate on any social media projects I have–Rena Ripp, Owner, Hummingbird Social Media LLC

It was a great pleasure to work with William, who completed the Social Media Strategist Certification. His focus, analytical skills, his ability to bring strategies in alignment with corporate objectives and thought leadership makes him a great social media strategist I hope to have more opportunities  to collaborate with him in the future –Marita Reobkes, President, Social Media Academy

“I have been working with William since the start of the project for the Digital Agenda Strategy presentation for the EU's Digital Agenda Assembly 2012. Besides being the co-leader of the UK team, William has provided solutions in cross territory support such as providing Facebook apps for our blog and FB fan page. –Roger Kopling, Head of Marketing,Weider Wärmepumpen GmbH